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Writer: Troy Duffy (The Boondock Saints)

Director: Troy Duffy

Cast: Billy Connolly (The Boondock Saints, Muppets Treasure Island, The Last Samurai), Peter Fonda (The Easy Rider, The Limey)

I had to write about this as soon as I got fifteen minutes into it. In my time here on this earth I’ve seen a lot of movies. Some of them have very good, some have been very, very bad. The Boondock Saints sequel is in the latter category. This movie carries a heavy R rating that holds it down from being the best kids movie ever! Let me explain. The script is atrocious with the kind of “witty comments” that can look good on the page but fall flat when spoken. This is made worse by the actors that Duffy got to play the people that are supposed to be “funny” and even “slightly amusing.” The acting done by the filler-actors (i.e. the local agents, specifically in the movie) is so over-the-top I would expect it in any kid movie made within the last twenty years. But we come to actors like Billy Connolly, Peter Fonda, and Judd Nelson who have some impressive movies on their resumès. In this movie it seems like another paycheck for them. Kind of like Jeffrey Tambor appearing in Funky Monkey. They bring a certain curiosity to the film. Why did they choose to star in the film? Was what they were paid enough to star along side some hamming actors?

This is only for huge fans of the first one but even then will probably disappoint. The movie follows a mysterious killing of priest of Boston that is meant to look like the MacManus Brothers having come out of hiding to kill again. The Brothers catch wind of this in Ole Ireland and  get on a boat headed to the states where they meet a Spanish kind of kick-a kind of guy called Romeo. Romeo, played by Clifton Collins Jr., chews up any lines or scenes that get within reach. After five minutes of him onscreen his performance became somewhat of a guilty pleasure. The plot involves some sort of underground mob thing with Judd Nelson that’s really just a way of getting Billy Connolly back into the story and explaining where he comes from. Also there’s a special agent played by what’s-her-face from “Dexter” who was Willem Dafoe’s protegé. Which brings me to the only part I actually enjoyed wholeheartedly. Beware of a spoiler for a movie you probably shouldn’t waster your time with: Dafoe shows up and talks to “Dexter” lady about going on a mission to free the brothers who by the end of the movie are in prison. They look out over the prisoners in the yard and see plenty of their calling left to be fulfilled. Yay, another sequel to live up to expectations!

Rating: Watch it, but only in an MST3K kind of way, making fun of it. DO NOT WATCH with a hardcore fan. I cannot imagine what kind of torture that would be.

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