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Ladies y Gents, time for some chicken soup for your ears. It’s delicious and hearty this week. Music can bring so much to the table. Musicians have a way of singing what we’re feeling but also steering us to a certain mindset. We, as listeners, can use someone else’s words to express ourselves but also subtly change the way we think about something all based on a few notes and syllables. I’ve chosen this week to forego a set of songs that expressly fit together in overall sound and tone. Instead is a playlist that portrays my own view of the world. We’ll see how much someone can  tell about themselves in a set of four songs written by other people from different times, places, and backgrounds.

Starting us out this week is Lynyrd Skynyrd with their song “Simple Man.” It sets the stage for wanting to strip away much of this world and realize what’s truly important. I agree with much of the chorus plus it has a nice build to it. We have “Jesus” by the Velvet Underground next. It’s an earnest, melancholy plea for help and one that is an interesting part of the library. Lou Reed brings a lot of heart to a deeply simple song that Christian music can’t handle. Third, we have Wolf Parade’s “Modern World.” I appreciate a lot that this modern era has to offer us, but there’s still something missing, some depth that can’t be reached with technology and advanced knowledge. There is so much to be grasped by… simplicity. This simplicity takes another turn with the last track, “My Girls” by Animal Collective. This song could have gone on last weeks playlist. It was stuck and still manages to get stuck in the ole neck-mounted watermelon. This is not only a danceable track but also rounds out this weeks take on the meaningful things in life and losing the worthless. This playlist is a precursor to an upcoming post on minimalism and why I strive to have less possessions here on Earth. Until then… Cheers.

Track List:

  1. Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  2. Jesus – The Velvet Underground
  3. Modern World – Wolf Parade
  4. My Girls – Animal Collective


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Ladies y Gents, it’s the end of the week and what a glorious time of the week! This week’s playlist goes out to those tunes that catch you by the toe and the ears and won’t let go. I once had “Single Ladies” stuck in my head for a week, literally. This included the dance. Lucky for you Beyoncé doesn’t appear on this week’s list. However, I did include songs old and new that are/were stuck in my head for a minimum of three days.

We start with the most recent DJ-Q-tip, “In Decay” by Phédre. This originated a few months ago when I saw the music video that probably shouldn’t be watched by those easily weirded out (seriously though, NSFW, that’s why there’s no link to it). The song still hasn’t let go from my mind. Second, we have a song that would sneak itself into my daily thoughts after I saw Grizzly Bear’s performance of the song on youtube in late 2008. “Two Weeks: was enough to get me to buy the whole album that’s an easy listen-through. So grood. Another current song follows: “Fun Times in Babylon” is the first part of a trifecta that is the opening to Father John Misty’s debut album. I actually sometimes remix “Fun Times” with “In Decay” in my head at work. Last, we have that song with that killer art music video. “70 Million” is from a French band that I haven’t heard any of their other output, but this song is so catchy I’m okay with that. Cheers.

Track List:

  1. In Decay – Phédre
  2. Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
  3. Fun Times in Babylon – Father John Misty
  4. 70 Million – Hold Your Horses!

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Ladies y Gents, it’s that time of the week again for some chicken soup for your ears. This week has a theme of tough times with the opposite sex. Break-ups are often times very difficult. I have been blessed enough to not have to go through one of these in going on two years and I don’t see one coming any time soon. But alas, relationships around me have been falling like that (*snaps*). Sometimes break-up music can be the best because of the emotional catharsis that happens when things fall apart after so much investment. So I give you four very good songs that might get you through that tough breakdown or maybe just get you through that tough day at work.

Side note: I’ve figured out how to embed the playlist here on the site but I’ll also include the link so you can listen to the songs in Spotify.

You might recognize the first track from the Fantastic Mr. Fox Soundtrack. It’s a catchy one, beware. Number two is a vindictive, yet optimistic track from the duo the Black Keys. We next have another song from Future Islands. I have been hooked on them since the end of last year, maybe the two tunes presented thus far will get you addicted. We end this week with a song that really got in my head once I saw its compelling music video. Cheers.

Track List:

  1. Let Her Dance – The Bobby Fuller Four
  2. Next Girl – The Black Keys
  3. Swept Inside – Future Islands
  4. Cheerleader – St. Vincent

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It’s going up late today, ladies and gents.

I just got out of the Avengers and boy was it a great time. But that really has nothing to do with these week’s alotment of tracks. Instead I’ve selected some for a nice relaxing day. These may be ideal for a sunny day in or out doors but I think they’ll suit your fancy no matter the occasion.

The tropical tones of “California Sunrise” start us off with a groove that will make you wish you were in sunny SoCal driving with the windows down. I could be so lucky. Next we have that classic Arcade Fire track, “Wake Up,” that might have been overplayed a few years ago, but is now up for being added back into the cycle. If you’re not listening to the band behind the third track then you are sorely missing out. “Evening/Morning” will get you going and as such might be ideal for that running mix of yours. Lou Reed closes us out with an ironic-but-beautiful tune “Perfect Day.” It’s a nice way to round out this week’s ups and downs. Cheers.

Track list:

  1. California Sunrise – Dirty Gold
  2. Wake Up – Arcade Fire
  3. Evening/Morning – Bombay Bicycle Club
  4. Perfect Day – Lou Reed

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