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Ladies y Gents, welcome. Bienvenidos! It’s time for Friday Four-Play because it’s Friday! Cue theme music! Dum-duh-doo dee, dum dum dum dum, do-do-deeeeee. Thanks for stopping by. Boy (and/or girl), have I got four tracks for you. They are as always catchy and contain notations of the musical variation. I have recently come to the idea that I don’t know much (i.e. zilch) about music or its analysis. I just have an insatiable ear for its chicken soup-like qualities. So please tell me what you think about the music posted here. Heck, you could even go back listen to old playlists and retro-post, it still counts. Just be sure to listen to this weeks (do-do-deeeeee) Friday Four-Play. Cheers!

Track List:

  1. Blue Eyes – Ladyhawke
  2. Heavenly Bodies – Tamaryn
  3. Visions – Letting Up Despite Great Faults
  4. Runnin’ – Sinkane

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