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Ladies y Gents, it’s Friday and so you know what time it is… (Cue theme song) <insert theme song here> (fade out theme song). This week I have a presentation of some new songs I’ve discovered this week. All the songs are from albums recently released. I’ve been on a kick trying to discover new music and Spotify has made it a lot easier with the apps they offer in-browser. I’ve been using We Are Hunted and Pitchfork to see the latest and greatest. I recommend them. Sit back, relax and enjoy this Chicken Soup four your ears. Cheers.

Track List:

  1. Close – Sun Airway
  2. Everybody’s Heart’s Breaking Now – Lavender Diamond
  3. Be Proud of Your Kids – Melody’s Echo Chamber
  4. Canterbury Bell – Levek

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Ladies y Gents, this week it’s going up late. I think it may be better for your weekend, but that’s just me easing my own conscience. We are going through the new albums this year of which you might be aware. This week, for Episode 2, we’re focusing on those slower jams based in folk. Don’t be a stickler for the “folk” thing, just go with it and let music groove.

Track List:

  1. I’ll Get Along – Michael Kiwanuka
  2. Nancy From Now On – Father John Misty
  3. Revelation Blues – The Tallest Man on Earth
  4. The Brightest Lights – King Charles w/ Mumford & Sons

We begin with a recent obsession of mine. I found Michael Kiwanuka’s music based on a recommendation on Spotify. Boy were they right. A Brit of Nigerian decent, Kiwanuka’s “I’ll Get Along” was my introduction to his music and remains my favorite. The song is also the most telling of his style. Everything comes together from the the strings, vocals and lyrics into that classic soul sound.

I put Father John Misty’s “Fun Times in Babylon” on the FF-P back in May, but I don’t think that’s enough. “Nancy From Now On” is the second track off of J. Tillman’s debut album under the moniker “Father John Misty.” It’s a great track filled with humor and a groovy beat. Check out the rest of his album titled Fear Fun, released earlier this year. When checking it out, be prepared for music reminiscent of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young and other such folk music from the 60s.

A friend recommended I listen to The Tallest Man on Earth. I did so and found myself enamored of Kristian Matsson’s vulnerable vocal stylings. But  I also found that a week earlier I had listened to his cover of the Jackson Browne-written-Nico-made-famous song “These Days” from a recent Takeaway show. So I recommend the second track from Matsson’s 2012 album There’s No Leaving Now. Enjoy this Swedes’ weighty English lyrics and his voice, both comparable to Bob Dylan.

The fourth song, this week, is fitting because you need to listen to both King Charles and Mumford & Sons. “The Brightest Lights” comes from King Charles’ album LoveBlood released in May and Mumford & Sons forth-coming album Babel is due in September. The first single from Babel came out earlier this week, but is still not on Spotify. I will luckily be seeing Mumford for the third time in two weeks and it was their second show where I saw King Charles. Charles shares a basis with Mumford but is more pop-driven in his output. Cheers.

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